Monday, March 20, 2017

Start Spreadin' the News

We've been slowly telling more people. We are really going to make this happen! I've only told a couple people at work though. I'm not sure why I am waiting, but I am. I think sometime this week, I'll start telling at least admin. And then start telling the teachers. It's all part of the transition. Frank and I went over to Nancy's on Saturday and she was laying down on the couch after her 3 1/2 hour hike on Dictionary Hill. When I told her I was retiring in three months she jumped up and gave me a big hug! She was so excited for us! It was the best reaction so far, but that hasn't been the reaction from everyone. People need to understand we need to follow our own path.

We met our friend Marla at our local watering hole (Baja Betty’s) last week, and while I was chatting with her, Frank stuck up a conversation with a guy next to him. This guy, David, overheard us talking about Portugal and said he goes to Portugal to golf on occasion. And he owns an apartment in Paris. And one in New York. So obviously, Frank was intrigued. They talked about our move and his business interests all over the world. They exchanged information and we hope to keep in touch in the future. Just goes to show you that striking up a conversation in a bar can go a long way!

It reminds me of my flight when I moved to Malaga in 1992. You never know where a chance meeting will take you.

(Saturday) 1:30 am  1 February 1992So I met this guy, Dave, on the flight from London to Málaga. I was supposed to sit by this fat woman, but Dave agreed to change seats so she could sit by her husband. I found out he was a tour manager. He knows Ozzy Osborne, Duran Duran, Wham, Elton John, Led Zeppelin, Dave Edmunds, Jeff Beck, Adam Ant, Level 42 and Frank Zappa! He was coming back from spending time with Frank in California after an aborted tour with Yngwie Malmsteen. Or something like that. Anyway, we were talking on the plane about my decision to move to Málaga. He was very supportive. Said he knew I would do well, etc. It was so nice to hear that. He said he truly believed in fate and that he was meant to sit by me to encourage me! Maude! I told him about “Maude” who I had met on a train in Germany the summer before, who reminded me of Ruth Gordon’s character in  "Harold and Maude." He said the only other time he switched seats on a plane was to save a guy's life. The drummer on the Wham tour in China was possessed and stabbed himself on the plane to Beijing, but Dave pulled the knife out! Yes, he’s a talker! He asked if I was staying in Málaga and I said I think so. He talked about how smarmy it can be and was thinking (I think) about offering for me to stay in Torreblanca with him and his Norwegian girlfriend, Gitta. But he didn't -- yet. Near landing he told me to take a good look out the window because I was embarking on a great adventure in my life. Hell yes, I was! I asked him for his address so we could keep in touch and he said he could find me a place in Torreblanca for $60 a week! I, of course, accepted! Gitta, Dave, their poodle, Minka, and I drove back down the Costa del Sol highway and stopped at a German pub in Fuengirola. We had a couple of drinks and went back to their place. While Gitta prepared open-faced sandwiches, Dave and I went to get some champagne from their bar. Did I mention they own a bar?!? It's a tiny place in the condo complex overlooking the Mediterranean. I was so stunned. It was incredible. Just perfect! So we had a beer in the bar and talked. He showed me his Frank Zappa and Level 42 pictures. Gitta eventually had to came up to get us. We went back to their apartment and had some food and wine. It was so nice! I still can't believe it all happened! Then they took me up to their friend's place that I’m renting (he's in Saudi Arabia.) This place is paradise! I hope the future stacks up to the present!