Saturday, April 1, 2017

Too Much Going On

We had a really busy day yesterday to close out my Spring Break. Frank took the day off and we got our taxes done, met online with a financial advisor about investments, and took Pop’s coins to the coin dealer. The taxes turned out in our favor, although I won’t believe it until I see the check! It was a little sticky with the sale of our house and it being a rental for part of the year, but it’s another box ticked. We then spent an hour and a half with an advisor from Schwab. We had filled out an Action Plan earlier and went over our hopes and dreams, as well as our finances and expenses. Again, it was another box ticked, but even more, it gave us a sense that this really can be done. It will actually work financially! I was expecting more “You’re crazy” than “I’m so jealous!” from her. Then it was on to the coin shop with the bins of coins Pops had gotten from his brother. I had gotten a few appraised after Pops died and they suggested making an appointment to bring in the bulk of them. We spent 3 ½ hours with him going through the hundreds (thousands?) of coins. But again, a positive result and another checkmark. It was actually pretty fascinating. He told us stories about some of the coins, including a Roman coin he said was counterfeit - but was still 500-600 years old! Feeling so productive lately!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

It's Out There!

I put it on on Facebook today. I guess it’s “official.” No turning back! I told my coworkers over the past few days. I emailed my siblings yesterday. Now the whole world knows! Many stunned reactions from our friends. I get it. I totally get it! I’m stunned as well. But now I want to focus on what we need to do to make this happen as smoothly as possible. I don’t mind the occasional bump on the road less taken to new beginnings But Frank would prefer the road always taken because it’s simply the most comfortable one. I sure don’t want to go through some of the frustrations of when I moved to Malaga and to San Diego. Strangely, Malaga was the easier move. Everything seemed to fall into place - from meeting my first friend on the airplane to Malaga to getting the first (only) job I applied for. San Diego was another story altogether. It was so hard to meet people. It took 6 months to land a decent job (not that delivering phone books wasn’t a character-builder). So many bumps on that road. But at least we’ll have each other and that’s something I haven’t had in my previous moves. We will be able to ground each other. When he gets frustrated by something that doesn’t work the way we’re used to. When I freak out about the cost of things I hadn’t anticipated. That’s why I’m diving into research. So much to do! SO much to learn. But we have time. And soon, we’ll have all the time in the world!!!

Some of the best reactions:

  • Wow! And Wow! So excited for you both and now I have some awesome friends to visit in Portugal.
  • Wait...WHAT??????? Does Debbie David know this???? What about Ari and Jake??? What about all of US??? How can you be so SELFISH??? *SOB*!!!!!!!! Bahahahahahahah! Congrats. Good ON ya!!
  • What? Wait! I haven't visited you in CA!! Now I have to go to Portugal?! Wowza. Congrats 😜
  • Wow! Congratulations! Living life to the fullest.....the only way to go!
  • No. Fucking. Way.
  • Awww Frank Remiatte the San Diego performing arts will not be the same! ❤️ we will just have to visit you is all 😬
  • NO!!!!! In shock!
  • Wow! So excited for you guys. You always wanted to move abroad so here's to making your dreams come true! ❤️
  • Powodzenia ..😉 (from my cousin in Poland!)
  • Oh. My. God!!
  • Congrats to you both! Can't imagine life here without you, but so excited for the whole world of opportunity that awaits you!!
  • You two are my heros cause you are livin' life to the fullest! You'll always have a couch to surf on here in PS!
  • Oh my gosh!! That is phenomenal!! You will have to share more details! We might decide to follow you!! We can all do theater!
  • Congrats! Retirement rocks! You're going to love it.
  • I love you both and will miss you, but am over the top happy for you too, because I know it's going to be a wonderful new chapter. And maybe we'll all wind up on the same cruise ship someday! Congratulations!!!
  • You are my idols! Way to go!
  • I think I'm speechless.....

And a text from my Vice-Principal Micheline the evening of the day I told her:
“I have to tell you... I am so happy for you and Frank. That made my day. Living the dream!💜💙”