Saturday, April 1, 2017

Too Much Going On

We had a really busy day yesterday to close out my Spring Break. Frank took the day off and we got our taxes done, met online with a financial advisor about investments, and took Pop’s coins to the coin dealer. The taxes turned out in our favor, although I won’t believe it until I see the check! It was a little sticky with the sale of our house and it being a rental for part of the year, but it’s another box ticked. We then spent an hour and a half with an advisor from Schwab. We had filled out an Action Plan earlier and went over our hopes and dreams, as well as our finances and expenses. Again, it was another box ticked, but even more, it gave us a sense that this really can be done. It will actually work financially! I was expecting more “You’re crazy” than “I’m so jealous!” from her. Then it was on to the coin shop with the bins of coins Pops had gotten from his brother. I had gotten a few appraised after Pops died and they suggested making an appointment to bring in the bulk of them. We spent 3 ½ hours with him going through the hundreds (thousands?) of coins. But again, a positive result and another checkmark. It was actually pretty fascinating. He told us stories about some of the coins, including a Roman coin he said was counterfeit - but was still 500-600 years old! Feeling so productive lately!

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