Friday, April 7, 2017

Book Em

My pragmatic side - which is my dominant, if not “best” side - usually keeps me from being too impulsive. I tend to over-analyze and run through every permutation in my head before making a decision. We’ve been talking about leaving for Portugal after our nephew, Jake’s 10th birthday at the end of October. I was looking at airfares soon after that date and the lowest price was November 8 (which happens to be the first anniversary of the election), but I still wasn’t ready to pull the trigger. What if the early retirement incentive doesn’t go through? What if something else comes up between now and then? What if??? 

Yesterday I got an alert that the airfare had dropped again. Not by a lot, but enough to make me think it might be a good time to commit. Frank was urging me to “just do it.” Soooooo we booked our flight! We’ll be on our way at 6 am Wednesday, November 8. Now we just have to wait for the confirmation of our first month’s apartment and we’ll be all set to go 7 months ahead of departure!

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